Will’s Cackleberry Castle Pumpkin Farm

3 thoughts on “Will’s Cackleberry Castle Pumpkin Farm

  1. I cannot express how elated I am knowing your farm reopened as a public tourist attraction. I first went to your farm in 1977 when I was 4 years old and my parents took my siblings and I every year until 1986. Once I became a licensed driver, I returned on my own between 1989 – 1993. Thus, my family’s annual trip to your family farm still ranks as the number family memory with me and my siblings. Currently, as a 40 year old parent of a 2 year old daughter and 3 year old son, I am excited beyond description to be taking my children on their first visit to the “Pumpkin farm” this week. Congratulations on your reopening and continued success!

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